Debits and Credits Quiz

Chapter Five explains the key accounting jargon. The Debit and Credit convention is part of this jargon. This is really easy once you understand it.

I have set out the SBL transactions in a spreadsheet in such a way that you can enter the debits and credits for each transaction and see if you have got them right.

There are three ways to do this quiz.

Offline by downloading this Excel spreadsheet. This is probably the best choice if you have Excel on your computer.
Online in a Google spreadsheet by clicking here. This requires you to have, or to create, a Google account. When it asks if you want to open a copy, just click on “yes, make a copy”. You will then have a copy of the Google Docs spreadsheet that you can save in Google Drive and practise on at your leisure.
Online in an Excel spreadsheet by clicking here. Good if you don’t have a Google account, but you won’t be able to save the spreadsheet and it has the minor irritation that you can’t delete numbers you enter into cells – you can only type over the top of them.

I would welcome comments on these tools.