SBL Transactions

Chapter Two of the book shows how a balance sheet is drawn up transaction by transaction. Each transaction is shown using boxes on a bar chart, rather than using tables full of numbers or, even worse, “T-accounts”, a concept loved by some accounting professors but which isn’t useful when you understand accounting, let alone while you’re still learning.

You can follow these transactions step by step at your own pace in the slide show below. Please be sure to click/tap somewhere on the slides to move forward a step. If you use the right arrow that appears below the presentation, it will skip steps in the transactions.

For the best experience, click on the icon in the bottom right hand corner to open the slide show in a new window and then click on Start Slideshow.

If you have Powerpoint on your computer or mobile device, you may prefer to download the file to your device, which you can do by clicking here. This will enable you to view the transactions even while off-line.