In case you are wondering if Accounts Demystified is for you, below are some of the comments made about one or more editions of the book. There are also quite a few helpful reviews on the Amazon website.

An excellent primer on accounting, this book explains in simple language how to understand balance sheets, profit and loss accounts and cash flow statements. It also has useful chapters covering important subjects like return on capital employed, gearing and book values.

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Jim Slater, investment guru and best-selling author of The Zulu Principle

“You won’t find a better explanation of the fundamentals of accounting and financial analysis than this. Trust me – no other book makes the subject as simple and clear.”


Jamie Reeve, Chairman, Great Little Trading Company

This is a great book – it does what it says on the can!

John Bates, Adjunct Professor of Entrepreneurship, London Business School

Everything is explained with extraordinary clarity…well worth the cover price.

Business North West

I didn’t think a book like this could be compulsive reading, but after the first section on balance sheets the lights truly started to go on. I can’t tell you how refreshing it is to read a book on this type of subject that doesn’t assume you are George Soros. Thanks a lot you’ve really helped me, I have to go finish the book now.


Tim Peppiatt, Chief Executive, Paperhat Consulting Limited

I have just embarked upon an MBA.  Your book is the third accounting text I have purchased.  Had I come across it earlier, I would have saved myself both time and money.  I can’t say enough good things about your book.  It has improved my understanding of the subject enormously.


I have read parts 1 and 2 so far. As a non financial person, but a manager who is required to understand the basics of accounting I have found this book nothing short of a revelation.

Things which before I had only a hazy understanding of have now been brought into sharp relief. This is because the book is well ordered and moves through an explanation of the principles in a logical fashion. The device of using the characters with their issues which require solving is a master stroke. Thanks


Explains what many people find a complicated subject in very clear and simple terms. I will be recommending this book to all our new trainees


Jonathan Munday, Partner, Rees Pollock Accountants

First of all, thank you very much  indeed for writing Accounts Demystified. My Open University tutor recommended it as a supplement to the financial chapters in our coursework, and I must say that I am finding your approach very helpful. It is a good feeling when light dawns where there was darkness.


After struggling to understand how a balance sheet works, I bought your book at the weekend. What a saviour!!!


First let me say how much I enjoyed your book, which I have now read cover-to-cover twice. It is the best book on finance I have ever read. And I must have read at least 20 books on the subject.


Exactly what it says on the cover. I wanted to understand double-entry accounting, company accounts, etc and this book leads you through it with ease.

The most impressive thing is that whenever you find yourself thinking, ‘hmm, I’m not sure I understand that’, the very next paragraph is always a question from one of the students in the simulated classroom environment about that exact thing, followed by the answer. It’s like the book is reading my mind.


Yes it’s my first product review and I hope I don’t come across as the author plugging his own product but WOW. This book has filled so many gaps in my knowledge in such a short time that I am simply amazed at how this book isn’t a must have companion to any finance professional.

Accountancy explained as though the author knows it is a dry subject. Every intricacy is worked with small examples that are easy to follow and by the time i got to page 120 and analysing the case study that the book offers, I was shooting holes in the balance sheet like an ACA Clint Eastwood.

If you are trying to understand balance sheets stop looking around, buy this book. It’s great